Tom Holland comes to the rescue of distressed fan in New York City
5 months ago 105 Sam

Tom Holland saves a distressed fan from spider man meet and greet!

Thomas Holland from the new film Spider-Man saves the day (again!)  by rescuing a woman who was having a panic attack at his autograph signing. Holland reacted quickly and threw all his belongings to the ground to save her life. After the panic attack, the woman later tweeted to everyone "TOM HOLLAND JUST THREATENED GROWN ASS MEN AND THREW THERE POSTERS DOWN" The lady's name on twitter is @NamelessCass.

Holland was later praised by nearby fans for saving the young girls life. Shortly after the situation, Holland went back to promoting his new film Spider-Man - Far From Home. People call Tom Holland "an angel from heaven has saved this young girl"

The video is later tweeted by @NamelessCass

Click here to view the tweet over on twitter.

When Holland was saving the girl, the press and the paparazzi were pushing and shoving to get through and stepping on young people's belongings. Holland responded and said to everyone "Back up and Move". 

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5 months ago
Aw how cute!
5 months ago
just a normal man saving the day :P
5 months ago
:OOo what a life saver !!