Dua Lipa surprises BLACKPINK fans
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Dua Lipa surprised blackpink fans with a special performance

On a recent episode of BlackPink Diaries, the BlackPink ladies revealed how Dua Lipa joined them on stage.

Dua Lipa surprised the BlackPink ladies and even BlackPink fans on the 1st May 2019.

BlackPink were in America on their In Your Area world tour.

It all started when Dua Lipa's friend told her BlackPink were performing in Newark.

So Dua Lipa decided to perform a song with the ladies.

And that song would, of course, be; Kiss and Make Up.


When Dua first met the BlackPink ladies she said to them;

"Oh my god, you guys are stunning."

BlackPink were in shock when they saw Dua standing on the stage in rehearsal time.

They said;

"Oh my god, hi."

BlackPink also made an amazing comment about Dua as they called her a global star who enraptures the world.

Before Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rose and Dua Lipa went on stage to perform their hit song together, the BlackPink ladies gave Dua a selection of their own merch as a memory of them all performing together for the first time.

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