Skydivers' airplane crashed on Hawaii; 9 people killed
6 months ago 109 Doron

skydivers airplane crashed?! 

9 passengers and crew members were killed in a private airplane crash in Hawaii, CNN reports that the passengers were supposed to go skydiving. 

This plane, a Beechcraft BE65, has crashed yesterday (Friday 21st June) at 6:26 PM local time. It crashed near the Dillingham Air Field and went down in flames and when the emergency responders had arrived, it was pretty clear that there were no survivors at all. 

The Fire Chief of Honolulu, Manuel Neves said that the crash happened near the Air Field's border

A Beechcraft 65

The crew and passengers' names are yet to be posted, but according to reports, some of the passengers' family members were at the airport at the time of the crash; they most likely witnessed the crash.

This is the biggest civilian aviation disaster that happened in the U.S in since 2015, and the biggest aviation disaster that happened in Hawaii in 20 years! 

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6 months ago
R.I.P to the people who sadly passed!
6 months ago
Really sad :(
6 months ago
in my opinion the thing that's even sadder that the family members seen their loved ones die
6 months ago
rip to everyone involved in the crash :(