Elon Musk Deletes His Twitter?!
6 months ago 177 Francesca

elon musk deletes his twitter account?

This past Sunday, Elon Musk announced he would be deleting his Twitter account after abruptly changing his handle to @DaddyDotCom (previously @elonmusk).


Many loyal followers were puzzled as to why he tweeted this, as more than two days later, his account is still thriving. One confused user said, Am I the only person who noticed that @elonmusk changed his Twitter name to DaddyDotCom and then changed it back? I have...questions.

Others assumed he changed his name in celebration of Father’s Day, I just figured that he changed his handle on Father's Day to DaddyDotCom cuz he's a dad. [You know, sometimes a cigar might just be a cigar, even when that cigar is smoked in the TSLA universe]. Although that would be a nice gift to all fathers, nobody knows the true reason for his sudden username change.


What a dad!

He has since deleted his original tweet in which he claimed to be deleting his account, and he has also changed his handle back to @elonmusk. Following the public statement he made, Elon Musk has tweeted and retweeted twelve more times, signalling that he will not be shutting down his Twitter anytime soon. What a relief!

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6 months ago
Oml, he's amazing!
6 months ago
what a dad, I love that :joy: