Jess Glynne cancels her Isle of Wight performance
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Jess Glynne cancels Her performance due to exhaustion 

Jess Glynne pulled out of her Isle of Wight performance 10 minutes before she was due on stage leaving lots of her fans disappointed.

She was due to perform on Sunday 16th, 2019 at Seaclose Park.

The festival organiser John Giddings had to go on stage and tell the fans about the cancellation.

Jess Glynne was a special guest performer for The Spice Girls on Saturday 15th, 2019 at Wembley Stadium.

Seaclose Park festival tweeted a post telling the fans about the cancellation.


 A person who works for Jess Glynne told Metro;

"Jess had every intention of performing today at the Isle of Wight. However, as the show got closer it became apparent that she was physically exhausted after a very intense last few weeks of touring. As a result, we took the decision to cancel the show. Jess is extremely frustrated and apologizes to all her fans but ultimately her health must come first."

Loads of fans tweeted how disappointed they are to hear Jess Glynne canceled.

Due to the cancellation, Jess Glynne was replaced by Richard Ashcroft and Biffy Clyro.

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6 months ago
i feel bad, she don't deserve that