Jo Brand jokes about throwing battery acid at politicians
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Joe Brand is currently under criticism...

After appearing on Radio 4, she was asked about how she feels about Brexit, and said "I would say that but is because of certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore." she has also added that "they are very easy to hate, I am kind of thinking, why bother with a milkshake, when you can get some battery acid? That is just me, sorry."

She had made the joke after some British politicians had milkshakes lobbed at them, however did make clear she had no plans to throw anything at any politician.


The barb may have had laughter within the studio, but on social media it has attracted lots of criticism.

Somebody commented on social media that "Whatever side you stand on, Remain/Leave whatever you believe politically. Let's not talk, even in jest, about throwing acid on people. Jo Brand". Another listener called her comment "very irresponsible" while a further tweet said that Joe Brand should be sacked, absolute disgraceful comment."

Nigel Farage, who was recently doused in milkshake tweeted that "Joe Brand's words was an incitement to violence and that demanded that the police is to get involved".

Scotland Yard has said that they will not be taking any further action against the comedian after the police have received an allegation of incitement to violence on 13th of June. Joe has apologized for the joke, calling it "crass and Ill-judged.  In a statement, Scotland Yard said that "The referral has been considered by the MPS and no further police action will be taken in relation to this allegation".

Nigel Farage, who had a milkshake thrown at him whilst campaigning in Newcastle, has accused Joe Brand of inciting violence although he did not say who did it. He commented on twitter that "He is sick to death of overpaid, left wing, so-called comedians on the BBC who thinks their views are morally superior". He also said that "Can you imagine the reaction if I had said the same thing as Joe Brand?"

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