YouTubers: Cole Carrigan and Eden the Doll held at gunpoint
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YouTubers: Cole Carrigan and Eden the Doll held at gunpoint

YouTubers Cole Carrigan and Eden the Doll recently uploaded a video where they told the story of how they were held at gunpoint in an Uber.

The pair were on there way from a Morphe event with two of their New York friends to their favourite Taco spots in an Uber.

The Taco truck was less than a mile away and Eden says that it was a peaceful location in Beverly Hills.

They say that they constantly go there and they thought it was a safe place to bring their friends to enjoy some Tacos.

Cole asked the Uber driver to wait by the truck for them to get their food so he can drive them to Eden's house.

The driver agreed and one of their friends actually stayed in the car: asleep.

While Cole was getting toppings for his Taco a stranger approached him.

Cole felt uncomfortable and walked away back to the Uber.

The guy starts to yell variations at them whilst they walk back to their Uber but they say they are used to this and decided to ignore it.

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They stated that they didn't notice yet that this guy had friends with him.
Cole was the only sober one in his group as the others had consumed alcohol earlier that evening.

The guy came over to the Uber's door and asked Cole to open it.
Cole, who was immediately aware that there was something going on asked the Uber driver to lock the door.
This appeared to make the guy madder as he started raising his voice and yelling homophobic slurs.
It was at this point that one of the guy's friends walks all the way around the car, pulls out a gun, and proceeds to shoot the car window which immediately shatters.

Cole pulls out his phone and starts recording just before the gunshot.
In the video, you can audibly hear the gunshot.
Cole and his friends write down the license plate number of the hostile group and the driver speeds off.
Cole sounds super pissed and asks the Uber driver if he should call the police.
The driver doesn't allow it since he doesn't want to go to prison since he also had a firearm that he used to scare off the group of men.

They both think that they were attacked because they're a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cole stated: “We were literally held at gunpoint. That’s why we had to sit down and share our story. If we didn’t - I cannot let something like this just be swept under the rug.”

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6 months ago
i would be so scared if i was in this situation
6 months ago
omg glad they are alright :o