Elon Musk has confirmed 'Fallout Shelter' and more
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Elon Musk confirms fallout shelter and a lot more

During a live chat session between the directors of Bethesda Games, Todd Howard and Elon Musk were held at E3,

Musk confirmed a bevy of games and apps will be coming to Tesla vehicles.

The newest game to join Tesla’s huge touchscreen infotainment midpoint is Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter, the free mobile game released in 2015.

The post-apocalyptic app will be added to a list of previously confirmed games which includes Cuphead and a sequence of Atari classics

(Missile CommandAsteroidsLunar Lander and Centipede) that originated to the electronic vehicle last August.


Along with the aforementioned Musk also confirmed YouTube is coming to Tesla cars during the talk.

He then went on to show a video game sample for Beach Buggy Racing 2 which allows you to use your Tesla wheel for in-game steering.

You can watch the full live talk below.

You can see here the video.

So far no specific launch date has been shared for the novel topographies, but it is protected here for when one arises.

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woo! i can't wait
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ooo sounds fun, shame i can't afford a tesla :joy: