Iran attacks U.S. Tanker
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What happened?

Yesterday, the 16th of June 2019, a tanker which was registered and owned by the United States of America was attacked.

Minutes after the attack, a drone sent by the US Airforce has allegedly seen an Iranian military boat remove an unexploded bomb at the hull of the ship.

This video can be watched here.

Prior to this incident, a rebellion aided by Iranians shot down a drone from the United States.


This obviously has been met with very negative responses.

President Trump fully believes the intelligence this time around and stands behind his assistants.

Furthermore, the Trump administration has said they do try to evade war but military options are being considered in order to get the working crew out of the dysfunctional tanker.

The USA did notify their allies but this has been met with scepticism.

A German minister, for example, says she doesn't believe there is enough evidence provided within the video to be sure it was a military boat sent by Iran.

There is not much information about this situation yet but we also know that currently, the USA has to follow protocol and they are putting sanctions on Iran.

If there any important updates, a new article will be released.

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6 months ago
I believe that some countries are really testing the limits of bigger nations of the world... 🤔
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oh god
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this is very interesting to read