Apple announces new Mac in the WWDC
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In the recent WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) held by Apple, some new features have been announced.

For example iOS 13 with some new features like "Dark Mode" or "Swipe To Text."

Alongside those new features, a new operating system has been announced for iPads named "iPadOS" and also a new MacOS named "Catalina."

The main announcement was yet to come, though.

They have announced a new Mac rather than a MacBook.

A computer also needs a monitor and therefore they also decided to announce a monitor.

The computer -- price, facts and a new design

The new computer with a new design has been met with criticism.

Commonly dubbed "The Cheese Grater" it deserves its name.

It is truly a very powerful computer and also modular.

The new "Mac Pro" boasts an 8-core CPU, 32 GB-RAM, and a 256GB SSD drive.

That is pretty good, but not justifying the price tag.

The new Mac Pro costs a whopping 5,999.99$ (USD).

The thing that makes this piece extraordinary is that you can extend it with modules.

In total it could boast 1.2 terabytes of RAM or a lot of processing power.

Though, these modules are sold separately.


The design of the new Mac Pro was only made to match the design of the new monitor.

The monitor -- price, facts and a new design

The new monitor named "Pro Display XDR" which stands for "Extreme Dynamic Range" has been met with a lot of criticism, too.

Although the design on this piece of hardware is actually necessary.


At the back of the monitor, it looks like the front of the computer - like a cheese grater.

That is necessary though because that monitor needs immense cooling.

The new monitor has a resolution of 6k (6.016 x 3.384 pixel) and is about 32 inches in size.

The used screen technology is LCD.

Although LCD is outdated, the dynamic range is 1:1 million.

That is very good for an LCD Monitor.

The price for this new device is hefty though.


The monitor itself costs 4.999,99$ (USD) and the headstand (which is sold separately) costs 999,99$.

So, in total, the monitor costs almost another 6.000,00$.


So, for almost 12.000,00 US Dollar, you can be a proud owner of a computer and a monitor including the headstand.

The mouse and keyboard are sold separately, too.

If you want to see the rest of the conference in an 11-minute-long video (summed-up), click here.


Believe it or not, UpBeat profits from the WWDC!

Due to a new feature also announced within the WWDC you can listen to UpBeat on your Apple HomePod, soon!

This feature is currently in the works so stay tuned!

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