Ed Sheeran Teases New Album
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ed sheeran's new collab album

As of today Ed Sheeran has released 2 collaborations this month and he has plenty more where that came from. The first single that Ed Sheeran released was "I Don't Care" which featured Justin Bieber. This song made it straight to number #1 on the Billboard Top 100, and is the first single we've had from either of them for a while. A few weeks after this Ed released his second single which was called "Cross Me" which featured Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock which was a very surprising collaboration. 

Ed has recently announced that he is dropping an album full of collaborations which will be released on the 12th July this year. The album will be called No 6 Collaborations Project which is a follow up to his album No 5 Collaborations Project. Ed Sheeran recently revealed the names of the tracks on this album but made sure the artist names were hidden. Both collabs that were previously mentioned will be on the album and another 13 tracks which are all collaborations. This means that the album will consist of 15 tracks. 


This would have been the first album that Ed has released since his album in 2017 ÷ which was a massive success. This featured songs such as "Shape Of You" which was one of the most streamed and bought songs of 2017. Other songs included "Galway Girl" and "Castle on The Hill" which were also both well received. Some recent news came out about Ed which has revealed that he could in fact be a billionaire  by the time he reaches 30 years old. He has recently received £500 million from tours boost wealth. This all started when he went on tour in 2017 from America to Oceania. Ed is set to go on tour again this year and experts say he will receive £100 million from that tour alone. This make him even closer to the billionaire mark which means he could be a billionaire very soon. 

So many people cannot wait for this new era of Ed Sheeran and the response to the first two tracks of his new album proves that point completely. Hopefully the rest of the tracks will be up to the same standard. 

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What's his new album going to be called? If I was to hazard a guess, I'd say ' - ' :-)
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