Version 3 Reveal...
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If you don't know what Version 3 is, then where have you been... Basically, Version 3 is UpBeat's best site yet, with many new features.

As you might know, this launch is going to be slightly different to previous launches as we are giving a certain number of users a 2 week beta access period where they get to use our V3 site. In case you were wondering, the beta keys are sold out, but there will still be more chances to win access to the site! If you still don't manage to get access to the beta site, you will get access along with everyone else on the 8th of June.

So, the long awaited Version 3 is here for our beta users. But we don't want you to be left out so here's all the new features and improvements in this Version of our site...

We have a ton of new features all over our website, but lets start off with the homepage.


As you can see, it's completely different to the Version 2 layout.

Of course that's now all we're going to show you, so here's a closer view of the buttons (in order):

Song like, favourite and dislike buttons. Pause and volume bar. DJ Like, Request and Follow DJ 


You also now no longer need to adjust the volume after refreshing the site as it automatically saves. 

The visualiser is no longer blocks (as it used to be), as it is now smoother and has an option to disable it.

(Enabled / Disabled )

hel2lwb.png ILUw2k9.png

As you can see in the full page screenshot above, the current DJ/next few DJs has been changed to look much nicer...

It also moves automatically after each hour so no more refreshing your page for it to update


Along with the timetable updating automatically, so does the recently played!


You may be wondering what the blue and green circles next to the profiles are.

Basically it's like a user status. Blue means that the user is tuned in, green means they aren't tuned in.


We've also got a brand new affiliates tab that scrolls through all our amazing affiliates!


Hovering over Users has also been changed. As you can see below, they have been made much better.



User and song profiles have had one of the biggest changes made to them...

As you can see, profiles have had huge changes to them. They have been completely redesigned and some new features have been added.


New features in the screenshot above are better badges, Top 5 song lists and Visitor comments. 

As you can see below, these are the visitor messages.

The user who's profile the message gets left on receives a notification so they know someone has left a comment!




As you can see above, these are the brand new song profiles. They have gotten a massive makeover.

You can now Quick request, play in Spotify, and like/dislike the song directly from the song profile. 


Along with all the new website features, we also have new voices, imaging and loads more such as weekly articles and a few more weekly shows.

Password Changing!

Users are now able to change their passwords! Simply go to user settings and click 'Change Password'


Token Gifting!

You can now also gift tokens to other users!  Simply go to the shop and click the present icon next to 'top up'


The news department is also bringing in some new and improved articles and segments for Version 3, so stay tuned for them! 

Explored our new site?

We want your feedback!  Simply click the HERE to submit some feedback!

Feel free to also comment on this thread letting everyone know what you think of this version and what you like the most about it!

Most importantly, Thank the amazing Jack  and Box for releasing the Beta on time with no mishaps!

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7 months ago
Everything looks so much cleaner and more organised, love it. Brilliant work from both Jack and Ethan!
7 months ago
in love
7 months ago
Looks fantastic, massive well done to Box and Jack!
7 months ago
Looking forward to the future of Upbeat, can't wait until we all have V3 - from what @KyleFoeDundee and @Gody have shown me - V3 is stunning! Props to the UB team and developers for getting this on time and smoothly. Vector, Ex-Radio DJ @ Upbeat.
7 months ago