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YouTuber Tfue sues gaming organization FaZe Clan for violating California Law


21 year old, Turner Tenney or 'Tfue' as he is better known by 10.7 million subscribers on YouTube is suing his gaming organization known as 'FaZe Clan' for allegedly violating California Law.

On Monday Tenney sued FaZe clan for allegedly limiting his profession by violating California law and taking up to 80% of his earnings. Tenney's complaint argues that the representatives for E-Sports players should be regulated like TV Star Agents. Tfue has been represented by FaZe clan since April 2018 where he signed a contract where FaZe would take 20% of his earnings. Tenney did, however, attempt to terminate that contract in September 2018 but the group rejected his termination request and he is still legally bound by the contract.

FaZe put out an official statement today saying that they have collected 0$ from any Tournament Winnings, Twitch Revenue, YouTube Revenue or from any social media platform. They stated: "We have only collected a total of $60,000 from our partnership, while Tfue has earned millions.". They also say that while contracts of FaZe clan members are different they all have a maximum of 20% to the player for both Tournament winnings and Content Revenue. They state: "In Turner's case, neither of those have been collected by FaZe Clan.

FaZe Banks, The leader, and owner of the Faze Clan went on an interview with KeemStar from DramaAlert today. Keemstar asked banks whether the rumor that: "FaZe Clan was taking 80% of Turner's revenue" was true, Banks responded by saying: "Absolutely 1000% untrue". Banks also says that the $60,000 has come from two brand deals that FaZe has bought Turner in an 80:20 deal where FaZe would get 20% of the revenue from each deal. 80:20 is an industry standard agreement which FaZe Clan used for the 'finders fee', their legal team, etc. Keemstar also asks Banks whether Turner is paid a salary, to which he responds with: "We do offer him a salary, but he hasn't accepted it". 

Banks states: "All of this is just leverage so he can get out of his contract" referring to all the claims made by Tfue.

Hollywood Reporter had an interview with Turner where he said that FaZe clan pressured him to live in one of there Hollywood Hills homes along with a few other young YouTubers. He claims that they gave him Alchohol while he was under the legal drinking age: 21 and encouraged him to illegally gamble. His petition also claims that FaZe Clan signed an 11-year-old gamer and pressured him to lie about his age.

Banks recently sent a tweet which said: "What was that about being pressured to drink underage?" and attached this video.

Turner's attorney from Freedman + Taitelman states: "Tfue and my law firm are sending a message, The time is now for content creators, gamers and streamers to stop being taken advantage of through oppressive, unfair and illegal agreements. The significant legal actions taken today will be a wake-up call that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated. The gaming community deserves a safe environment that allows gamers the freedom to control their own careers."

FaZe Banks is planning on releasing an in-depth video on his relationship with Turner. Banks says multiple times during the Drama Alert interview that he loves the kid and has always wanted him to be apart of the FaZe Clan. In FaZe's official statement he writes: "We're proud of what we've accomplished together over the past year with Turner and will continue to support him."

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