Ex-CIA Agent Jailed For Spying
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Kevin mallory jailed

The Events That Occurred

Kevin Mallory is a 62-year-old man and he was found guilty of several spying offenses following a two-week trial last June.

He is fluent in Mandarin and he is from Leesburg, Virginia.

This has left Mr. Mallory with top-level security clearance which provided him access to sensitive government documents.

There was heavily conclusive evidence at his trial which showed him on surveillance footage scanning classified documents onto a memory card at a Post Office.


The Justice Department explained he also travelled to Shanghai to meet with a Chinese agent in March and April 2017.

This was seen as a reliable factor by the court when reviewing the case against him.

 The Justice Department said Mallory held a number of sensitive jobs with government agencies.

 He had worked as a Covert Case Officer for the CIA and as an Intelligence Officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Selling Secrets

Earlier this month, ex-CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee pleaded guilty to spying for China. 

Prosecutors said the naturalized US citizen was paid to divulge information on US covert assets.

And last June, former US Intelligence Officer Ron Rockwell Hansen was also charged with attempting to spy for China.

He attempted to pass on the information and received at least $800,000 (£600,000) for acting as a Chinese agent.

The Justice Department said at the time.

This history with China and the US could cause future tensions.

Chinese spying is becoming an increasing issue and puts many US civilians at risk.

Why is this becoming an increasing issue?
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