The Jeremy Kyle Show Axed Permanently
7 months ago 186 Gody

Why has this happened?

Recently ITV has completely axed The Jeremy Kyle Show, a programme that has lasted 14 years, due to a guest being dead after one of the shows, this guest was Steve Dymond who was found dead on the 9th of May, which was the following week after he had taken a lie detector test for the show.

You can find more about Steve Dymond's death over here. 

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of ITV, has said the decision was due to recent events that had happened linked to the show, which as we know were the deaths to do with following episodes.

Following this, a committee of MPs launched an inquiry to see whether guests were offered enough support during these episodes and after filming. 

The following photo shows ITV's full statement which they had said about the show and the recent events that had occurred from it.


An MP, Damian Collins who is also the chair of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport select committee had agreed with the decision made by the broadcaster of this show. 

Programmes like The Jeremy Kyle Show risk the fact of putting vulnerable gullible lives at risk.

We know this from the recent events that have occurred within the past week. 

The Jeremy Kyle Show was the most popular programme in ITV's daytime schedule.

This was with an average of one million viewers and a 22 percent audience share. 

More than 3000 episodes have been broadcasted since the recent event from 2005! 

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