Climate change 'may curb growth in UK flying'
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What does this exactly mean?

Recently it has been said by an advisory committee that Climate Change will 'curb' the UK's aviation due to the increase in aviation throughout the UK.

With this happening a plan is needed to be made to find their way through this upcoming issue.

A group of specialists has claimed that the decision is so high up, the decision on the Heathrow expansion should be brought back up in Parliament.

The Department for Transport decided to side with the thought of Heathrow being expanded, claiming it could bring a huge economic boost to the businesses and communities around the UK, with no added cost to taxpayers with the environmental obligations.


Why should the policy change?

At this moment in change, it is crucial for aviation, as there is a policy for aviation for up to 2050 out for a consultation.

When the thought of the increase in aviation made by the government, the UK had an overall target of cutting CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050!

But already climate change had raised the bar of ambition implying that Britain should target a net of zero emissions.

This adds onto compensating for any greenhouse gases.

How much extra passengers could pay to offset these emissions?

You can see from this image it shows how this could work out, but with the growth in aviation, it must be constrained.

The climate change will make further recommendations on how to work around these concurring situations, but this is to happen in the upcoming months. 


A letter was sent from the Department for Transport from aviation head Caroline Low, who stated that it may be necessary to consider the climate change affects onto adding more aviation, increasing Heathrow's size, which ties into many other factors as well.

This can sound concerning but it confronts other peoples desire to fly more.

Mr. Crosland had put the point that the Scottish government said it would review and support the idea of Heathrow's expansion, following that he called for it to be brought back into parliament.

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