What Was Recently Announced at Google I/O?
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Google I/o recap. What's new from google?

Tuesday, May 7th kicked off Google's I/O conference, and it was a very busy day! Many things were announced, from new phones, to updates. Let's recap.

1. The Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL


Google's Pixel lineup just expanded with the 3A and 3A XL, which are models of their Google Pixel 3 phone that are more budget friendly for consumers. Starting at $399 USD, these devices have essentially the same abilities as the Google Pixel 3, for half the cost. The features missing include Wireless Charging and Waterproofing. They are also the first phones in Google's lineup since the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL that have a built in headphone jack. They are for sale on Google's Shop today, available in Purple, White, and Black.

2. Android Q Beta 3


On the topic of phones, Android Q Beta 3 launched today, bringing with it built in Dark Mode for every standard Android app. It also brings suggested actions, such as opening Spotify when you receive a text about a song, or opening maps when receiving an address. It introduces Focus Mode. Unlike Wind Down, which grays out your screen at certain times, Focus Mode allows you to chose certain apps you want to limit access to during certain times of the day.

3. Nest Hub Max, a smart display with a camera?


The Nest Hub Max is like any other smart display from Google. It has the essential Google features, such as Youtube, YouTube TV, and the Google assistant. What makes this device stand out is the camera. It's the first Google display with a camera, and this allows for video calling through Google's Duo app. It has the camera of a Nest, the screen of a Google Home Hub, and the speakers of a Google Home Max. It's the hybrid that works extremely well. The Nest Hub Max will be on sale later this summer.

4. Google Maps Incognito Mode


Google adds an incognito mode to Maps in an effort to try to minimize tracking. It allows for private searches and directions that are not tracked on your Google account. This comes only a week after Google announced the ability to automatically delete certain Google activity after a few months period.

5. Project Mainstream

Project Mainstream is Google's project to get updates to consumers faster. It's starting with Android Q, and it will be allowing users to update their Android version directly through Google Play instead of through Carriers. This will allow faster security updates and more up to date devices. The new updates will also be distributed in "modules" which will effect a certain aspect of the device, such as a camera glitch or a Google Lens update.

6. Google Lens


Google Lens is receiving an update that will allow users to search for specific dishes on a menu and it will also allow you to show it your receipt, and it will pull up the calculator and add the tip. It will also allow you to split the bill or translate the receipt it to another language. These updates will be rolling out later in the month.


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