Multiple guests drugged at Jake Paul's mansion party
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Guests drugged at Jake Paul's mansion party

Jake Paul is at it again as he hosted a birthday party for rapper Desiigner.

It was all going great, everyone was having a great time until things turned for the worse.

Multiple guests got drugged at the birthday party.

There was only one certain person who complained about the birthday bash.

The allegation suddenly got took to social media as a mother posted in a private Facebook group complaining that her underage daughter and few of her pals had their drinks spiked.


The mother continued saying how the girls were 'half naked and were unable to walk or even talk.'

The police have recently responded saying they have not received any reports of people being drugged at this party.

All of the party goers were made to sign a disclaimer at the front door.

It has come forward that Jake Paul had no involvement in this allegation.

The only reports that were made were for 'loud music'.

Apart from all that mayhem, there were amazing things going on at the party like champagne towers, a boxing ring in the backyard and even a dirt bike stunt show.

Jake Paul's brother Logan even showed up at the party.

Chris Brown, Bella Thorne, Lamar Odom, and Trey Songz also attended the party.

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