Boeing 737 Skids Off Runway Into Florida River
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A Boeing 737 has slid off a runway in Florida during a thunderstorm


The Boeing 737, operated by Miami Air International, a chartered airline flew from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, to a military base in Jacksonville, Florida.

The jet had 143 people on board, and the plane skid off the runway during a thunderstorm while the plane was landing. Many of the passengers on-board said that the landing was very heavy, and the plane skidded into the St. John's River, about eight miles south of the city Jacksonville at a Naval Air Station.

The 136 passengers and seven crew members on board quickly evacuated the aircraft after it came to rest in shallow water, and was not submerged. They evacuated the aircraft via the wings, where the Navy and around 90 firefighters met them to take everyone to safety. - Officials reported that there was safety issues, which meant that they could not save the animals that were on board, the Navy commented, saying that their "hearts and prayers" were with the owners of the animals on board.

It is reported that President Trump offered assistance to the investigators.

Cheryl Bormann, a passenger on the plane described the moment the plane slid off the runway as "terrifying".

"The plane literally hit the ground and bounced - it was clear the pilot did not have total control of the plane, it bounced again".

"We were in the water. We couldn't tell where we were, whether it was a river or an ocean".

Bormann also reported that she could smell the jet fuel leaking into the river around them. 

Of the people taken to hospital, none have critical injuries, and all seem to be in good condition. 

Many of the passengers on board were military personnel, assisted each other while evacuating the plane. The Commanding Officer for NAS Jacksonville, Captain Michael Connor acknowledged that the crash could have been much worse, and said "I think it is a miracle. We could be talking about a different story this evening".


Boeing has released an official statement of the incident, which you can read to the left.

The route is a twice-weekly service between Guantanamo Bay and Jacksonville, and Miami Air International is contracted by the US Military to run this service. 

With the majority of the passengers being military personnel, family members, contractors and other civilians travelling to and from Guantanamo Bay were on board the aircraft.

The incident has no similarities to the recent fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, and Boeing is providing assistance to the US National Transportation Safety Board in an investigation for the incident.

we wish the passengers in hospital a quick recovery, and hope the investigation is successful

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