Heathrow campaigners lose challenge against Heathrow's third runway
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Heathrow campaigners lose challenge against heathrow's third runway.

Campaigners have lost against the governments third runway approval at London's Heathrow airport.

Campaigners said the new runway will transform Heathrow to a 'new airport' and have a 'severe' impact on Londoners.

The transport secretary said:

"The expansion of Heathrow is vital and will provide a massive economic boost to everyone across Britain, all at no cost to the taxpayer and withing our environment obligations."

He also proceeded on to say:

"I now call on all public bodies not to waste anymore taxpayers' money or to delay this project any more."

Where will the new runway be?


Heathrow's third runway will be where it says North West Runway in the image above.

The case was brought to the transport secretary by five local authorities:

Hillingdon, Wandsworth, Richmond, Hammersmith and Fulham.

Residents and charities such as: Greenpeace, Friends of The Earth and Plan B also joined the action.

They argued that the government's National Policy Statement failed to account for the impact on air quality, climate change, congestion and noise.

Nigel Pleming QC said Heathrow could see up to 132 million passengers a year, a 60% rise from its current annual capacity. 

When will it be built?

The third runway at heathrow costing a staggering £14 billion, could start construction as early as 2021, with the runway being fully operational by as soon as 2026.

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