Roadmap for Saving Earth From Climate Change Years Before 2050 Deadline
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What's happening in relation to climate change

A university is Finland published a comprehensive global road map to do with the world and how we can dramatically reduce carbon emissions before the ideal deadline of 2050.

This article breaks down on how different regions can transition to 100% renewable energy in which preventing multiple catastrophic outcomes. 

Currently in time, one-third of the world's energy is renewable. Following population growth and energy demand, global researchers claim that the Paris Agreement's carbon mitigation goals by generating 69% of the world's energy from solar panels!

Though the study is hard, and is a first of its kind to outline an efficient cost to fit with an international strategy in which attempting to keep the planet's carbon emissions at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

But that isn't just it, this is one of a first to suggest a global strategy which doesn't include technology to do specifically with capturing carbon, thus producing more Carbon in the atmosphere.

Below is an example of what renewable energy sources are following non renewable, this can show a lot of possibilities and prove to people we can live on renewable sources as if one was to fail others would compensate for it;


With this we can see there are more renewable sources making it worthwhile living on those sources considering all can be used without running out or having issues most of the time.

What are your thoughts on the current global warming / climate change situation?

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it's bad.... we need to listen to lil dicky - earth :]