easyJet Passenger Attempts to Open Cabin Door at 33,000ft
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A man has caused widespread panic and distress amongst passengers on an easyJet

flight when he attempted to open a cabin door at 33,000ft in the air.

The easyJet flight departed from London Gatwick, and was heading to Pisa

International Airport in Italy. - The Airbus A319 was 33,000ft in the air, and on descent

into Pisa when a man, who is believed to be in his 30s walked to an emergency exit,

and grabbed the handle, according to passenger reports. Crew and other passengers

reacted quickly to the dangerous attempt, and was pulled to the floor before any harm

could be caused.

A passenger on the easyJet flight, Richard Conyard has told news outlets that he saw a

man dressed in a heavy coat, who was acting nervous while he walked past him to the

toilet. - "He was in the toilet for about a minute. When he came out he went towards

the emergency exit and grabbed the handle and tried to open the door."

Richard Conyard helped to bundle the man in to a seat to ensure that he could not cause anymore disruption to other passengers or the flight. He was boxed in by larger male travellers,

and reportedly sat in his seat until they landed in Pisa, and until the police arrived.

If the man had successfully achieved his goal of opening the emergency exit while at that altitude, the sudden decompression could have sucked passengers and crew out of the

aircraft, into the freezing atmosphere. The passengers who do not get sucked out would have to deal with the extremely cold conditions until they land.

The man is reported to be from a city named Siena in Tuscany. He has been interrogated for the incident, according to Pisa Airport police officers.

easyJet has come out to say that "The captain of Flight EZY8233 from London Gatwick to Pisa requested for police to meet the aircraft on arrival due to the disruptive behaviour of a

passenger who made an attempt to open one of the cabin doors during the descent." The airline also responded to the incident saying "While it would not have been possible to open the

door due to the cabin pressurisation, the crew responded quickly to ensure that the passenger remained seated until landing. Safety is always easyJet's highest priority."

The airline also reported that the cabin crew were trained accordingly to act fast in situations alike, and that they could evaluate and act on any potential threats of danger to ensure that

the safety of the flight and the passengers aboard are utmost priority.

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Wait... I was on that return flight! I was waiting at that gate when police showed up