Philippines Struck by Another Powerful Earthquake
7 months ago 202 Gody

Earthquake shakes the philippines

On Tuesday, the 23rd of April, The Philippines were hit by an immense earthquake during the afternoon, a day after a deadly tremor had hit the northern Philippines. The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.4 and it was based in the centre of Samar, which is an Island in the central eastern part of the Philippines.


The whereabouts of this earthquake were around 375 miles southeast of a previous earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1, that happened on Monday which killed around 16 people! In a town called Manila, a rescue team was still searching for people who were trapped in a supermarket that had collapsed from the earthquake on Monday.  Officials had claimed at least 5 people had died from the collapsed supermarket. 

Why are many earthquakes hitting the Philippines?

If you didn't know, the Philippines sits at an intersection of multiple tectonic plates, which receives frequent seismic activity, which can sometimes lead to deadly earthquakes. Officials over at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said that earthquakes from Monday and Tuesday were NOT connected in any way.  Here is a view of the tectonic plates of the Philippines:


With the Philippines being surrounded by so many tectonic plates, many earthquakes are bound to happen due to their position.

Statistics of the earthquake

It is said that around 120 families were evacuated, while schools and governments that work in affected areas were suspended while building inspections were made and for rescue work. In Samar, where Tuesday's earthquake hit, Archie Fuentes, the mayor of the city, claimed he had seen five houses get destroyed in the devastation of the earthquake. Fuentes went on to say "There were many damaged structures." Following that he said "Tiles fell off the walls. I called off work today for government offices in the afternoon. We are on a 24-hour alert." One person claimed to be injured from falling debris.

Colonel David, the police chief in the coastal city of Tacloban, stated "We have not been hit hard" "But people are struggling with fear and trauma as rumours quickly spread of a tsunami" He went onto local radio to state "Please don't panic, There is no tsunami alert." He then had people evacuated from their homes and official after the shaking, but quickly went back.

"Right now, we have not noticed anything different from the sea. It is normal, we are assessing the damage. The city hall is safe and sound".

Our thoughts and prayers go with the affected people and families from the cause of both earthquakes.