B*Witched star Keavy Lynch considered suicide after band split
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B*Witched star Keavy Lynch wanted to commit suicide after the band split in 2002

B*Witched star Keavy Lynch has spoken about her feelings about wanting to kill herself after the 90s pop band split up in 2002.

B*Witched are an Irish pop band, they have hit songs like C'est La Vie and Blame It On The Weatherman.

Since losing the spotlight, Keavy has struggled with returning to her old life.

Keavy has opened up that she was having major concerns about reuniting with her bandmates for the ITV2 show, The Big Reunion.

When she was confronted about the show by producers she agreed to do the show.

Keavy is now back reunited with her bandmates, Edele Lynch, Lindsay Armaou and Sinead O'Carroll.


They are currently performing in London.

At The Grand Goes Pop event, Edele and Keavy's brother, Shane Lynch is also performing at the event.

Shane Lynch is known to be in the band Boyzone.

B*Witched were dropped by their own record company.

They were released after their third album.

But when Sinead decided to quit the band, the band split up.