Instagram passwords left exposed
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Millions of Passwords on Instagram EXPOSED!

It has been reported that in the last month Facebook employees working on Instagram had access to millions of passwords stored in plain text.

The company revealed that millions of passwords were exposed in plain text.
An internal investigation over at Facebook has determined that the stored passwords were not used intentionally or abused.


Facebook shared this report to a forum that is a month old,

which has been a suspicious move by Facebook to not draw attention to it from the media.

A spokesperson said "Facebook simply learned that more Instagram passwords than originally suspected were exposed.

Facebook had estimated it would have to notify tens of thousands of Instagram users, but it has since learned that millions were impacted."

This wasn't the first time Facebook did this.

They reported last month that 600 million Facebook passwords were stored in the same way as Instagram. 

This came to light after an update that came out 24 hours before Facebook unintentionally saved the contacts list of up to 1.5 million new users. 

A Representative from Facebook gave this statement "This is an issue that has already been widely reported, but we want to be clear that we simply learned there were more passwords stored in this way. There is no evidence of abuse or misuse of these passwords." 

So what should you do if you believe your on this list?

If you believe you were on this list of passwords then we recommend you change your password straight away and enable 2-factor authentication which is very easy to do as it's found in the settings of your Instagram account.

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