Small town mayor Pete Buttigieg running for President
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Pete Buttigieg democratic primary for the presidential elections

Pete Buttigieg has been making headlines before and after his announcement to run in the Elections in the Democratic Party in which he is the Primary.

He currently is the Mayor of South Bend and has held that office since 2012. 

Although most were glad to hear he is running, some had other thoughts.

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Since announcing his Presidential Bid he has been on Ellen, a famous TV-Show which is frequented by celebrities and watched by millions.

He kicked off his speech by thanking his family and first responders.

He then went on to tell his inspirational life story about his dad being an immigrant and moving to the U.S. because he thought it would be the best for his family,

he later met his wife who was the daughter of an Army Colonel and a Piano Teacher.

When he was running for mayoral office in 2011 he had the vision of a new South Bend and a better municipal government to help their aging town move forwards for their citizens and to gain popular-ism and modernism.

Buttigieg talks about the new jobs added to the town and billions in investment into South Bend, 

many Democrats are intrigued enough by his worldview and biography to look past the question of qualifications. 

And that’s why he is here today to tell a different story than “Make America Great Again."

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