eSports is bringing in more viewers than the Super Bowl
8 months ago 234 Gavin

Over 10,000 "League of Legends" followers descended upon St. Louis, Missouri this weekend for one of the largest annual eSports occasions in North America: The North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split Finals.

Though still a far cry from the stadium attendance numbers hit by many normal sports activities leagues, online viewership for the NALCS finals delivered in a whole of 600,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch and YouTube combined all through the remaining game, which saw eSports group Team Liquid take home the title after over four hours of competitive play.


Go back to November, and viewership numbers from the "League of Legends" World Championship finals — held in South Korea and also hosted by the game's publisher, Riot Games — showed that almost 100 million unique viewers tuned in to the event online.

For comparison, last year's Super Bowl had just over 98 million viewers, the smallest viewership number for the event since 2008.

This was after viewership for 2017's Super Bowl LI had dipped to 103 million from just over 111 million the year prior.

While eSports have long been popular in many Asian countries, the space has grown worldwide over the past few years, including in North America.

 "League of Legends" is just one game driving the eSports industry, which will top $1 billion in revenue this year.

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