Naomi Campbell dumps Liam Payne
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Naomi Campbell dumps Liam Payne after four months!

 It's official, Naomi Campbell has ended her romance with Liam Payne.

After four months, they both walked their separate ways without each other.

Reportedly, Naomi ended the romance because they were both living their own different lives.

A source confirmed that Naomi and Liam are still going to be close friends and there are no hard feelings between them.

This ain't the first time Naomi ended their relationship.

She first ended their relationship back in February because Liam was 'clingy'.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell wanted a normal, casual relationship with One Direction star Liam Payne.


The romance between Naomi and Liam started in January.

When they started sending messages to each other via social media.

The romance then progressed to meeting each other face to face in Ghana.

Then romance sparked even more due to secret dates at Davido's concert at London's O2 Arena.

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