Cat's ears abusively sliced
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Animal rescue says cat's ears were sliced with scissors 

The cat went through so much pain and did not deserve this


The beautiful cat ran to a neighbors porch, the person living there relaxed the cat and called the Forever Friends Foundation for help.

The cat is friendly so whoever did this the cat trusted, he would let you pet him, hold him, the poor cat did not see what was coming.

"The injuries are straight cuts to both ears. It appears like somebody used scissors or shears" says Debbie who works with the Foundation.

The right ear was were the most pain was since the person began to cut into the cartilage, the left ear close to falling off, they are doing everything they can to treat this poor cat, the cat is about 4 years old.

The cat had gotten out of the owner's house and fell into horrible abusive hands, it was clear no animal did this to the cat, "It's very unfortunate for a poor animal, which can't speak and can't say anything, went through all that pain" says one of the doctors Sandhu.

sadly on Friday afternoon, the cat had his ears amputated to stop infection and pain, he is recovering very well, the Foundation who did the treatment says that donations paid entirely for the cat, and also says the cat will be put up for adoption soon.

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8 months ago
Im sorry, but why would someone do that to a harmless animal that clearly loved and trusted his owner :(
8 months ago
That's what I was thinking
8 months ago
the poor kitty escaped from his owner and rn into the person who cut the ears :(
8 months ago
;( Cry