Ex-Eastenders actress passes away
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Ex-Eastenders actress, Sandy Ratcliff, has died aged 70

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Actress Sandy Ratcliff has unfortunately passed away at the age of 70. She was an in the soap from 1985 until she left in 1989. Her character was called Sue Osman, who was a cafe owner in the show.

When she died, she owned a property in North London, but because she had 3 strokes in 5 years, she was forced to move out of her home and move to a dedicated facility after being diagnosed with cancer. June Brown, Sandy's friend who played Dot Cotton, was visiting her often, but because her health is failing she had stopped.

Her first role on TV was Ken Loach's Family Life in 1971 which she played a teenager in. After a cot death, she was sectioned and written out of BBC due to mental health issues and she went back into drugs.

Her most known acts were in the below films/shows;

The Final Programme (1974)

Radio On (1979)

Yesterday's Hero (1979)

When she went into care she was put on £70 a week disability allowance shortly after that she stopped using drugs. Her last public appearance was at the Old Bailey Trial for her boyfriend who was found guilty of killing two women in 1991 and he was jailed for life.

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