Logan Paul & Prince Harry on Fortnite Ban
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Logan Paul says Prince Harry has a point over banning Fortnite.

Prince Harry sparked controversy after stating that Fortnite and other addictive games could be worse than alcohol or drugs and shouldn't be allowed because it starts addiction in young kids.

Logan Paul then jumped in and said he was once addicted to the game in the past and he said in an interview with TMZ about Harry's opinion he replied "That’s tough bro because I was actually addicted to World Of Warcraft when I was young, and because of that I found out what addiction was through video games which were weird, but I was, fortunately, able to escape the rabbit hole that is video games." Logan was then asked if he believes video games are as addictive as drugs and alcohol. he then replied "Yeah for sure, Maybe worse. You get sucked into a proper video game hole, you’re..."

After that in the YMCA in London where Prince Harry represents for Mental Health Charities, he also commented about it he also said "A game like Fortnite, for instance, may not be so good for children. Parents have got their hands up; they don’t know what to do about it."

Logan also said in a later interview "It doesn't end there. Logan worries VR is going to f up kids 20 and younger, who will no longer be able to separate games from reality."

In 2018, there were many reports about Fortnite, which caused addiction problems. Some of the young players even had to go into therapy because of that. Now pediatrician Dr. Michael Rich from Boston has spoken in an interview and talked about several extreme situations that have happened in the past because of a Fortnite ban. The pediatrician works at the Boston Children’s Hospital as head of the Interactive Media and Internet Disorders Department.

There have also been situations where parents have nearly divorced because of the child's Fortnite addiction. Now as it has over 250 Million registered plays it is one of the most successful games on the internet.


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