Gmail is now 15
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So, on April 1st, Gmail turned 15! With that, Google decided to celebrate it's birthday by making an update to Gmail by adding something called 'Smart Compose'.

Smart Compose uses AI technology to try to predict what you are going to type, as you are typing. Over time, it will learn about the way you type, say if you say "Hey" instead of "Hi", it will learn that. 
Google also introduced scheduling, which off a drop-down menu on the send button. This feature basically lets you set a time/date that you want the email to be sent, and it automatically sends at said time. Before, if you wanted to do this, you would need a third-party software.

There is also a new feature that suggests a subject for your email, so if you have trouble thinking of a subject, then worry no more.

Google mentioned that one of the new features it a digital wellness tool by saying: “We understand that work can often carry over to non-business hours, but it’s important to be considerate of everyone’s downtime,” said Jacob Bank, director of Product Management, G Suite, “We want to make it easier to respect everyone’s digital well-being, so we’re adding a new feature to Gmail that allows you to choose when an email should be sent.”

Gmail also created a YouTube video celebrating the features they have had over the years. Watch it by clicking here.

Let's have a quick look at Gmail's past:


Gmail was first introduced on April 1st 2004. It was an Invite-only Email service that managed to revolutionised web mail. It was so popular that the invitations were even being sold on eBay. The invitations were to remain the one way of signing up to the service until 2007. Other webmail services, such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail exited back then, but Gmail had many more features, such as a gigabyte of of free storage. You might not think that is a lot, but remember, it was a big amount back then.

Gmail was unique in many other ways, it had threaded conversations, fully integrated searches and the ability to sent attachments (with the max size of 25MB). Thanks so AJAX, a javascript technique, the feed also refreshed automatically. The release of Gmail started the start of a new era, so to say. People were slowly moving away from the old and 'outdated' desktop apps, and relying on the web-based email services. 

According to 'ecloudbuzz', Gmail is the top best free email service provider (with 1 Billion monthly active users), followed shortly by Outlook Mail (400 Million), and Yahoo Mail (228 Million).

 Gmail is now one of Google's most successful products!

Do you use Gmail, or another Email provider? Let us know in the comments below!

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wow gmail is 15, cool!!!
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Oml I remember using the early versions of Gmail when I was young, omg it's changed so much lmao
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this is a great article! watching the video now
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gmail is gud
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