Valve's VR headset release?
8 months ago 208 Amiou

Valve’s Index VR Headset Will Ship This June, With Pre-Orders Starting May 1st

Some leaking news happened about the new 'Valve's Index VR Headset' and that was surely not an April Fools Prank, twitter user 'Wario64' noticed the leak and immediately went straight to twitter and shared the news.


The new 'Valves Index VR Headset' comes with many features, these features include, earphones built into the side of the headset, outside tracking, adjustable lenses, and a comfortable head strap. Many people are looking forwards to actually trying these features when the headset is released.

The built in earphones make it comfortable and adds less weight to your head, many people have complained how having headphones over the extremely heavy headset was way too much weight and that it hurt their head, with the built in earphones it doesn't have that extra weight and makes it more comfortable.

The outside tracking feature has certainly been in other VR Headsets, such as the 'Windows Mixed Reality' and the 'Oculus Rift S' that both have outside tracking, which basically means you do not need the light gates that helps with tracking, but with the 'Index' it seems like they give you a choice on whether using the light gates or not, this also means the controllers must be very good so that way you don't lose tracking, this goes with the camera as well.

The new head straps on the 'Index' have got people very excited, over the years we have been using uncomfortable head straps for our VR Headsets, but the 'Index' has made that problem disappear, the head straps help make the headset rest comfortably on your head and makes it easy for long game sessions.

The 'Valve's Index' has sure made a name for itself upon VR Gamers, many people have been wondering what PC runs best with the Headset, 'Valve' is recommending using 'Windows 10' for the PC, The leak has since been taken down but we now know Pro-Orders are May 1st, and shipping will start in June 15th

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