Zac Efron Faces Backlash...
8 months ago 605 Jamie

Zac efron makes a youtube channel and faces backlash!

On the 30th of March 2019, Zac Efron announced that he had created a YouTube channel. This makes him one of the hundreds of A-list celebrities moving over to YouTube and using it as another platform for monetary gain. From Jack Black to Will Smith more and more famous idols are migrating over and are causing a ruckus in the YouTube community. Many of Zac's fans were excited to find out that there was another platform for them to receive more content from. But that did not stop anyone from voicing their opinions on how celebrities are receiving special treatment compared to the creators that were already on the platform.

One Twitter user took to Twitter and put the point forward about how YouTube doesn't care about their own creators and would rather promote a celebrity. 


Many people are claiming this is YouTube trying to find any way to earn more money and leads them to become more corporate every day. Another Twitter user came to Twitter and explained how Celebrities are earning money while YouTube's own creators are getting Copystriked and Terminated for nothing. 


Hopefully, YouTube will start to realise that they are losing creators on the daily and start to take into consideration that celebrities do not need promoting when they clearly already do have a pretty large following. Let's hope YouTube will slowly get better again otherwise a bigger and better site will eventually come in and replace YouTube as a whole. 

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