13 Questions to Illusions
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13 Questions to Illusions 

Welcome to this week's 13 Questions to article - formally known as 10 Questions to. 

Last week Global Admin Erin was in the hot seat. and nominated Illusions


The Questions

Question 1:

Carl: What's your role here at UpBeat?

Illusions: My role here is Community Moderator. I mainly moderate the Discord server.

Question 2:

Carl: What are you looking forward to in V3?

Illusions: Good question... I'm not going to be boring and say everything. If anything, I'm probably looking forward to the... I don't know, everything.

Question 3:
Carl: What was the last text you sent?

Illusions:  I don't text. I know, weird.

Question 4: 
Carl:  If you had won the Euromillions what would you do with it? (£31 Million as of 26/03/2019)

Illusions: I'd probably spend it on myself, my family and to probably set up a small business, because I've always wanted to do that. But then there'd probably be a lot left over, which I would probably save for a few years to come...?

Question 5:
Carl: You hired me back in July 2018, what was your first impressions when you hired me?

Illusions: Do I even expose you? Hm. If I remember correctly. When I heard you, your mic quality wasn't the best, which lead me on to think that would put me off you. Not in a bad way, just DJing. But when it came too it, and I wrote your reviews. You shocked me, and you actually done pretty amazing to say the least.

Question 6:
Carl: If you could be an extra on a film or TV show which show / film would you be part of?

Illusions: Right, hear me out here... Eastenders. Like, just imagine me. On Eastenders. C o o l.

Question 7:
Carl: Have you met any YouTubers? if so who and where?
Illusions: I've met Ellen DeGeneres, Jeremy Kyle, and a few others. (I'm kidding)

Question 8: 
Carl:  What smartphone do you currently use?

Illusions: I currently use an iPhone 6s

Question 9: 
Carl: what was the last app you downloaded to your phone?

 Illusions: My last app... I've not downloaded an app in a while. I think it was "Whisper". Now I just get random notifications because I don't use it.

Question 10:

Carl: If you bring back a celeb from the dead who would you bring back?

Illusions: XXXTentacion. I feel like he could have changed music in a way. I don't know, I just have this weird thing where I just want to keep listening to his songs, new and old, but he can't bring a lot of new songs out now, which saddens me.

Question 11: 

Carl: Who had the most influence on your life?

Illusions: I don't wanna be cheesy and say my mum, but... My mum. She's always been there when I've needed her the most and no one else has. She's basically formed me to who you see me as today.

Question 12: 

Carl: Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?

Illusions:  Third arm, hehe.

Question 13: 

Carl: Nominate someone else for 13 Questions to..

Illusions: Hmm... I'd like to nominate Gody.

Do you like the new format? if so let us know in the comments and  Tell us what questions do you want me to answer in the comments!

8 months ago
A question should be is if you became a Administrator in UpBeat what would you do, would be a interesting question in my opinion I want to hear what they would do.
8 months ago
Plot twist den mine is next week
8 months ago
What do you mean? @CARL
8 months ago
love it, hate that i got nominated!!!!!!!!!!
8 months ago
ur welcome x