Google's Gaming Announcement
3 months ago 92 Carl

Google announces its new Cloud gaming platform

At GDC 2019 (Games developers conference) Google came out and made an announced that they were releasing their answer to cross-platform cloud gaming. 

So say hello to Stadia It's a Cloud gaming service from Google that works on all platforms (except Ps4 & Xbox & Nintendo). 


This is Stadia A cloud-streaming gaming service coming later this year will be the first in the market where it uses Google Chrome browser across different platforms. Google claims this to be a "New way to play"

So what is stadia? and how does it work?

Stadia is a cloud gaming service by Google. It operates on a system where if you use the service and you see a game trailer on YouTube, for example, Fortnite Battle Pass Season 8 trailer (example) and an icon will appear at the end of the video letting you know that the game is playable over Stadia. 

the service can be played using mouse and keyboard, a bluetooth controller connected to a mobile device or the desktop/laptop or over Chromecast.

also for a separate cost, you can buy the official Stadia controller which is WiFi enabled and connects to Google's data centers and using AI know what game you're playing, what device your playing on etc.  On the controller, it has 3 buttons. the Stadia button will launch the service from any device. the "Capture" button allows you to live stream/capture and record directly to YouTube whatever game your playing at the time. and the Google Assistant button which will launch the Google Assistant wherever you are in the game.

the controllers will be released in 3 colors.  Google did not announce the names of the colors but have shown us what they look like pictured below. 


What's your thoughts on this? tell us in the comments!

3 months ago
Not gonna get too hyped until I see it used commercially, but a cloud gaming service? genius
3 months ago
i agree
3 months ago
but again i have Nvidia Geforce Now so i might hold back.
3 months ago