Apex Legends: Major Updates & News
9 months ago 210 Khaliq

a new character is coming to apex legends!

Earlier this week, the developers of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, announced that they were adding brand new updates to the game. Not much has been revealed from the developers, but we do know another hero is being released to the game named Octane, bug fixes have rolled out, and of course, like any other battle royale game, a Battle Pass has been released. This is one of Apex's first significant update since their release in early February.

Back on the topic of the brand new hero, Octane abilities aren't shown on the game's website, but Sony's blog gave us a glimpse of the hero and his skills. Most of Octane's abilities are based around his health, so most likely he'll be classified as a Support class hero. His tactical ability allows him to move faster than usual, but it does take a small percentage of his health, and his passive allows him to heal whenever he isn't being attacked. Octane's ultimate ability is called Launch Pad which will enable him to throw launch pads on the ground that can allow anyone to boost themselves into the air, perfect for staying inside the ring or getting into it. 

Unfortunately, it's still unclear how players will be able to unlock Octane. Launch Heroes, which are heroes that were in the game before this update, were available to be opened for twelve-thousand Legend Coins, which is about $8.50 or depending on your country's currency. However, there's still a possibility that Octane will be available for everyone as soon as the season is started. Octane will be available alongside the first battle pass on the first day of the new season, March 19th.

Update: According to one of Respawn's Community Managers, Octane can be obtained (did you get that pun?) for 750 Apex Coins and is not granted to you upon buying the season pass.


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idek what Apex legends is lol