Xbox Live Available for Mobile Devices
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XBOX LIVE Coming to Android & IOS


Microsoft announced that they are officially bringing support for Xbox Live to Apple IOS devices and Android devices.  

they came out and announced that their SDK (software development kit) for developers to utilize and use in their games to bring Xbox Live functionality to existing games on the app stores. 

Xbox Live for IOS & Android will include features such as achievements, gamerscore, hero stats, friend lists, clubs and family settings. 

In order to do this, they have released a service for developers called Microsoft Game Stack.  (i won't go into details as it's technical for developers)

All this is part of the bigger push for a cross platform gaming experience. they are also open for Nintendo & Sony to  use if they want it. 

But why?

Microsoft has been striving in the console war with the cross platform version of Minecraft which uses Xbox Live on all versions (Excluding PS4 as it's developed still by 4J Studios) where just using the xbox live services you are able to join up with friends from other consoles. 

The SDK is part of a bigger project by Microsoft for a "cloud gaming".  we will leave this here as it goes more into details about the Microsoft Game Stack.

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weird but cool
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Sounds cool
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Thats just weird...