KSI vs Logan Paul rematch?
12 months ago 280 Tropical

KSI and Logan Paul have started to feud over social media!

KSI and Logan Paul have started to feud over social media about each other again but this time it has got more personal.

They're meant to be planning for a rematch as their last match ended in a draw.

But looks like they have more important things to do aka slagging each other off.

It all started when Logan did this tweet: 'I'd bet money that KSI is gonna try to skurt the rematch.'

Classic old Logan but KSI soon snapped back with this:


But it didn't take Logan Paul long to reply back with this:


If that wasn't enough for you, they have also been mocking each other with their views on YouTube.

If that wasn't enough either, it looks like KSI wants Jake Paul as well.

KSI tweeted Jake Paul this: 'Anyway, @jakepaul you want the main event? You got it. Let's see how "trash" I am'

What do you think about this situation?
Do you think a rematch should happen?
let me know in the comments below!

11 months ago
It's such a snooze fest now, maybe people would be interested back in August but they're going to be bashing each other online for the next 6 months and make the dolllaa
11 months ago
idc .
12 months ago
Bunch of twats, HURRY UP AND GET ON WITH IT!