Lakers continue losing streak after loss to league-worst Suns
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2 losses in a row for the lakers don't mix well with playoff hopes

    The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns finished their season series 3-1, with the Suns taking the final victory last night at the Talking Stick Resort Arena 118-109. An interesting defensive setup by the Suns ended up slowing down the 4 time MVP LeBron James, who was guarded by the Phoenix Suns center, Deandre Ayton. LeBron still finished the game with 27 points, 16 assists, and 9 rebounds but was easily showing his frustration to his teammates, who were unable to compete with the worst-record team in the league. LeBron lead his team in all 3 primary statistic categories, while Ayton lead in points (26) and rebounds (10) and Devin Booker leading the team in assists with 4.

    After this game, the Lakers fell 4.5 games behind the 8th seed, the final seed in the NBA playoffs. With 19 games left in the season, every night seems to be the playoffs fading away from LeBron. It would be just his 3rd time in his 15 year career that he has missed the playoffs, as of which the other 2 occurred in his first seasons in the league. "We needed this game for obvious reasons" stated LeBron James after the game. "It is just unfortunate with the opportunities we've had that we haven't been able to seize the opportunity".

    The Suns, still with the worst record in the league, were happy to earn a win against a talented team such as the Lakers. "That was a fun game...I'm going to sleep well tonight" said Ayton, who had the responsibilities of guarding LeBron James throughout the game, and did a fairly good job of it. With the worst record, the Suns are projected to earn the #1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Almost anywhere you look, you'll see that Zion Williamson, social media sensation and super-natural athlete, is projected to be drafted #1. The Suns could definitely benefit from adding another athletic superstar such as Williamson, who has been projected by countless analysts that he will be the next big thing.

    The Lakers hope to break their 2 game losing streak and keep their playoff hopes alive tomorrow night at 3:30 AM GMT (10:30 PM EST) vs their fellow Los Angeles rival, the Clippers, at home. The Suns look to build on their momentum and challenge the league-leading Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow night at 2 AM GMT (9 PM EST) on their home court.

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