Liam Payne snaps at a fan
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Liam Payne snaps at a fan for asking about a 1D Reunion!

Liam Payne has officially lost it when a fan asked if One Direction will be reunited.

He has asked his fans to stop asking about a One Direction Reunion.

The One Direction lads have been keeping the fans guessing for ages but will it eventually happen?

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Everyone is still unsure whether One Direction will eventually reunite.

It looks like fans will have to get their answers from the other band members.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and possibly Zayn Malik.

But, it looks like no one will get the answer they're looking for.

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9 months ago
Liam's not feeling it I think. They probably want to do their own thing.
9 months ago
I can't see it happening to be brutally honest.