Unpacked: Samsung Event 2019
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This year we saw a massive announcement from Samsung with 9 brand New devices all from the Samsung Unpacked event which took place on 20th of February. There was a massive amount of information to go through but i will go through it to best summarise the event. The event took place in San Francisco and live streamed through YouTube. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold


This was the first new Samsung Device to be announced at the Event.  Samsung said this will be the first of it's kind in the market. which will create a brand new Smartphone Category. 

The Specs

  • Uses a brand new display technology called Infinity Display Flex. which uses 2 displays. the first screen when the phone is folded has a 4.6 inch Display but when unfolded it has a 7.3 Inch screen 
  • the Phone has an incredible 3 Cameras which breaks down into:
  • 1 Front facing selfie camera when folded which is a 10MP camera 
  • Triple Rear cameras which are a 16MP ultra wide camera , 12 MP Wide-Angle Camera Dual Pixel Auto focus Optical Imaging Stabilisation  And a 12 MP Telephoto Camera with 2X Optical Zoom.  
  • Front Facing Cameras when Unfolded: 10MP Selfie Camera , 8MP RGB Depth Camera
  • Supports both 4G & 5G mobile networks at launch
  • comes with 512GB storage with 12GB RAM 
  • Price: $1,980 / £1,518.91 
  • Releases: 26th April 2019 in US and 3rd May 2019 in Europe , Date wasn't announced for OC 
  • Fast wireless charging 2.0 




After the Galaxy fold was announced we swiftly move on to the announcement of these 4 Samsung S10 phones.  Each phone will varies in specs but everything else will be the same.

The Specs

All 3 Devices uses a brand new Display technology called Infinity O Display & All 3 will have Fast Wireless charging 2.0 and storage on all 3 are 512GB and 1TB  on S10 And S10+ 

SpecsSamsung Galaxy S10 ESamsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S10+
Screen size & display5.8 Inch Not Edge to Edge6.1 Inch Edge to Edge6.4 inch Edge to Edge
Fingerprint scannerlocated on the side of the phoneUltrasonic Fingerprint scanner  (on screen)On screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner
ColoursPrism White , Prism Black , Prism Green And Canary YellowPrism White , Prism Black, Prism GreenSame as S10 but with Ceramic White and Ceramic Black
CamerasFront camera: Selfie Camera,  Rear: Wide- Angle Camera and an ultra wide cameraFront Camera : Selfie camera , Rear: Telephoto Camera, Wide-angle Camera, Ultra Wide CameraFront: Selfie and RGB Depth 
Rear: Same as S10
Storage 128GB128GB , 512GB128GB . 512GB , 1TB
Price (in GBP)£669128GB: £799       512GB: £999128GB: £899 , 512GB: £1,099 1TB: £1,399

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


The Samsung S10 5G is basically the S10 but it has No Expandable Memory and also it's the only phone in the S10 range that will support 5G. 

They didn't announce a release date or a price for it.

The ear buds are basically samsung's version of the Apple AirPods but will have 2 microphones 1 inner and one outside. It also has Bixby support.

In addition if you Pre order the S10 or S10+ on the Samsung's Website you can claim the earbuds (worth £139) for FREE

There was quite a few more items to go through but the article is long enough. if you want to watch the full announcement you can see it here: Full Samsung Unpacked event

What's your thoughts on this announcement? tell us in the comments below!

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