Fortnite sees battle pass prices slashed
10 months ago 266 Carltherave

fortnite's latest battle pass is available for free to loyal players.

apex-legends-fortnite-twitch.jpgWith the current season of Fortnite coming to an end very soon, it’s time for players to look at what Epic Games has in store for them. With the arrival of new competition, Epic Games has been thanking it’s loyal players with special events, such as a live music concert from Marshmello, and is even offering the next season’s Battle Pass for free.

As part of the new season, Epic Games has rebranded Fortnite’s challenge feature, and called it ‘Overtime’. Once players complete these challenges, they will be given the Season 8 Battle Pass for completely free.

Many experts believe this is an attempt to keep Fortnite’s loyal players away from new competition.

Epic Games has been forced to fight back after rival Electronic Arts partnered with Respawn Entertainment to create a competing battle royal game, known as ‘Apex Legends’. This new game has seen instant success, with many Fortnite players abandoning the game to join the growing Apex fan base.

However, both Apex and EA has been heavily criticized by fans for overcharging for in-game purchases. Experts have also said that Apex is a ‘quick-buck’ operation in order to keep EA ahead of Epic Games, and will most likely kill off the game once Fortnite loses popularity.

It seems only time will tell if both Apex and Fortnite are here to stay.

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10 months ago
Both games have their own community, they're both good games, I hate when people are like "Fortnite is dying" every time a new game comes to light, is it so bad for people to like both?!
10 months ago
Just like people saying Minecraft is dying, clearly not because there's always a rise in the amount of players. People who say games are dying are most likely just people who don't like the game. *shrugs*
9 months ago
Erin, I agree with you but Fortnite is like a repeating pattern Yes we did get Events like the Cube, Marshmello Live, Ice queen etc but the core game is still the same. With Apex legends it's a brand new learning curve as people have to learn the new respawn system. and at this moment in time i personally support Fortnite only because of the devices it supports.