Nintendo Direct: Feburary Rundown
10 months ago 153 Carltherave

Nintendo Direct Rundown

In this article, we will break down the Nintendo Direct and make it easier to see what upcoming games are being released for the Nintendo Switch.

At the start of the presentation, we had a trailer for Super Mario Maker, but this won't be a port of the Wii U / 3DS version. It will be a continuation from the original, and will now be called Super Mario Maker 2, which will be released in June 2019.


Also coming to Nintendo Switch: 

- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will receive version 3.0 Update. In the update DLC Character Joker will join the fight. We will also be receiving a few more Smash-themed Amiibo figures. These include Pokemon Trainer, Metal Gear Solid Snake & Castlevania's Simon Belmont.

 - BoxBoy + BoxGirl is coming to Nintendo Switch. It will be a brand new game with 270 Stages, which has more stages than any of the other BloxBoy games, AND will include 2 player co-op. This will be the first BoxBoy game on the Nintendo Switch as well.

 - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is receiving a new DLC! Some of it will be pay to play that will include new challenges and courses, and the free part of the DLC will be a new Co-op mode that went live after the Nintendo Direct finished. 

 - Tetris 99 was released straight after the direct finished. Tetris 99 is basically another battle royale type of game, and it is free to download for Nintendo Switch online Subscribers.  My thoughts on this game -- as i've downloaded it -- is that it's a pretty additive game. I haven't won a game just yet!

 - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a direct port from the Ps4, Xbox One and PC, so not much will change, but this will be released in Spring 2019 (but it is also subject to change).

There were more games that were announced like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Yoshi's Crafted World, Assassin's Creed 3: Remastered, Deltarune, Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 7, etc. For a full list, feel free to click here!

Are you going to play any of the games from the nintendo direct? let us know in the comments.