Emiliano Sala found dead
10 months ago 229 Tropical

Cardiff city footballer Emiliano sala has sadly passed away in a plane accident

It has been confirmed via being ID'd through his fingerprints that he died from a plane accident.


The footballer suffered fatal 'body and head injuries' which lead to his death.

The aircraft, a Piper PA-46 Malibu, lost contact with Air Traffic Control in the island of Jersey on Monday 21st January 2019, at around 9pm.

The footballer was flying from Nantes to Cardiff when the aircraft was being flown by pilot David Ibbotson when the aircraft lost control and crashed just off the coast of the island of Alderney.

The Channel Islands Air Search aircraft was dispatched 37 minutes after impact as well as local lifeboats, however the aircraft was unable to be located. This caused authorities to call off the search, which was slammed by fans.

A few days later, the pilot of a Blue Islands passenger plane spotted debris of the plane whilst landing in Jersey. This spurred on a private search funded by fans of Sala, as well as his family.

A private search boat was launched on Sunday and was quickly able to locate the aircraft, allowing divers to take pictures of the aircraft and recover a body which was found inside. The body has been confirmed to be Sala's.

The pilot, David Ibbotson, is still missing but family members are not giving up on finding him.

Ibbotson's wife claimed: "He's dead, we know that - but we just want him home."

Our thoughts are with their family and friends