Chris Brown arrested in Paris
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Chris Brown arrested in Paris via rape accusations

A female aged 24, has accused Chris Brown and two other men of raping her on the 15th January this year.

The victim filed the complaint on the 17th January and told the police it all happened in Le Mandarin Oriental in Paris.        

A police officer confirmed the victim did file the complaint against Chris Brown and two other men on the

17th January.


Chris Brown has currently been detained and arrested and is in police custody for questioning.

It is known that the other two men are Chris Brown's bodyguard and friend.

The victim has requested a face-to-face meeting with Chris Brown after hearing that Chris Brown was let free to fly back to LA.

Chris Brown took to Instagram calling her "a lying b*tch".

What do you think about this story?
do you believe this victim?
or do you agree with Chris Brown and think she's lying?
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oh okay
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I don't believe it. He would never do something that bad. Also #firstcomment