Rappers sentenced for performing drill music
5 months ago 58 Tropical

Two US rappers were given suspended sentences for performing drill music which was incited violence against different kinds of rival gang members. 

They’ve both been pleaded guilty for breaching a gang injunction at Croydon County Court, and have been sentenced for nine months in jail and were suspended for two years. 

The injunction was brought to attention during two hearings that were held on 10th and 14th January. 

It is known that it will last for approximately two years. 

The injunction was brought to attention when both rappers were caught being members of a Brixton gang called 410. 

Their manager, TK, has told the Press Association that the rappers were not involved in any kind of gang violence.

He claimed: “They pleaded guilty after a video of one of their live performances was uploaded onto the Internet without their knowledge.” 

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