Indonesian Tsunami kills 280...
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a tsunami struck indonesia with no warnings or earthquake

An Indonesian Rock Band, Jakarta, was performing at a concert when suddenly a 10 foot wave hit and swept the stage into the audience. The wave crashed through the backdrop into the drummer, which then sent him into the other musicians.

The group of 17 reported that their bass player and band manager had been killed by the tsunami. However, more than 1100 people at the concert were injured by the enormous wave. The missing number is currently at 57, which is terrifying as nobody knows what happened to them.

This was the 2nd deadly tsunami in Indonesia for 2018, which is a horrible end to the already depressing year. This year in Indonesia, there have been floods, earthquakes, fires and an airline crash, killing more than 4500 people - more than a decade worth of deaths for the country.


The tsunami was caused by a piece of volcanic rock from the Anak Krakatau falling into the ocean. The volcano has been spewing ash and lava for months before the tsunami.

An official of Indonesia said "This caused an underwater landslide and eventually caused the tsunami"

This is devastating news for Indonesia, especially after such a disastrous year for the country.

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