Love Island: The Christmas Reunion
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In 2018, 10 young and hot singles were invited to spend the summer in the "island of love" that is the Love Island Villa. These 10 coupled up, separated and new singles joined them in their hunt for love. Jack and Dani coupled up on day 1, and since then remained loyal to each other and won the show. However, not everyone's love island journey was as great as this.
Many couples went through a rocky patch after the show, including Sam and Georgia (I'm loyal boo! NOT!) and Charlie and Ellie.


As of the 17th of December, ITV 2 decided it would be a great idea to reunite the familiar faces from the island of love in a festive party. Many couples were still together, all glamorous and ready to party. Some arrived later than others, with the first to arrive being Jack and Dani and the last being Georgia making a huge entrance after Sam and Georgia's separation. 

There was drama, romance and great times for all the Islanders of 2018. 

Each couple who had separated decided to clear the air, which resulted in arguments. Firstly, Wes talked Sam into talking to Georgia. Georgia, who had cheated on Sam after leaving the villa together, lied to Sam and told her that she didn't cheat. However, Sam had the proof after looking on her phone and finding pictures. Who was in the wrong? Sam or Georgia!

Ellie and Charlie then decided to have a conversation after a similar situation happened between them. Charlie was seen going out for a meal with a blonde girl twice, in London, telling Ellie that he was in the countryside. After Ellie forced him into telling the truth, having the proof, Charlie then uploaded to his Instagram saying that they had "decided to part their ways". Ellie had no idea that they had separated, since Charlie's Instagram story was more important to tell than Ellie herself. Ellie was devastated after this tragic event.

Laura and Paul also split after Love Island, as runners up. Although they left on good terms and their was no arguments between the runners up.

To get away from the drama, Kendall and Eyal snuck away to the pool to talk. This ended up in them jumping into the pool, and having a cheeky snog. ;)


the next day...

The next day, Dani and Jack was told that they was cooking Christmas dinner for everyone. Jack wasn't too impressed with this, as he doesn't do much cooking in home for Dani, let alone 19 other people! 

After several hours in the kitchen, and several Pigs in Blankets were missing in Jack's stomach, the Christmas Dinner was served and everyone said it was lovely.


During the dinner, Jack made Ellie and Charlie wish each other a Merry Christmas, and also Sam and Georgia. This then meant that they put a line under what happened in their pasts, and moved on from the events. What a great way to end such a brilliant 2 day party with friends!

After dinner, Flack, who has hosted Love Island since the first season back in 2015, entered the house to give the housemates Presents. Each was a humorous simulation of what they have got up to after the villa. Laura's present was a "Love island season 1" DVD featuring Max Morley, who she had been seeing before the Christmas reunion.

Well, that's all folks.
Love island is finished until next year, when ITV 2 sends more hot, sexy singles into the Love Island Villa.
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