Is Ellen DeGeneres Considering Retirement?
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Portia de rossi is persuading ellen de generes to retire

Opened in 2003, the comedian, Ellen DeGeneres is planning leaving her famous talk show,
'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' due to influence which came from her wife, Portia De Rossi

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Firstly, before I completely make you have a full-out panic attack, she isn't quitting just yet as she has extended her contract till 2020.  PHEW!

Vance DeGeneres, Ellen's older brother who is a comedian himself, has always persuaded Ellen to remain working in her show in multiple occasions now as he feels America needs more of her positive energy spread around the country especially since we are in the time of Donald Trumps legacy. On the other hand, Portia is completely against this as Ellen reveals how  "She gets mad when my brother tells me I can't stop.''

Now, we both know if Ellen stops the show she wont go bankrupt or anything of a sort as she is currently releasing her next Netflix special on December the 18th, ''Relatable.'' It is said by the co-director, Tig Notaro  that Ellen is acting to be ''trapped in the world of being asked to dance and expected to be nice'' he also finds it an ''interesting pickle she's in'.' Ellen also confirms how she prefers acting over the talk show however her wife thinks differently as she wants Ellen to work in areas such as a radio station or be part of podcast hosting.What is the most interesting aspect of this entire thing is how close they seem to be even after this confirmation between the pair. They recently celebrated their 15th anniversary and during the interview, they seemed to be as close as ever.  Quite, quite interesting, don't you think?

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It will end at some point, just like Oprah did with her show. I'm sure many people will be upset but Ellen has a big following and she is well loved, for the mean time we should keep enjoying her show and not worry.